Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SharePoint Tips and Tricks - 8/19/09

Some great links I would like to share, These webcasts have helped me greatly in my domination over SharePoint, a lot of Technics I have discovered came from reading many SharePoint blogs, I have listed a few favorites below.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is only growing, and Microsoft has seen what companies are doing with MOSS, so it will only get better. Along with the name change, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will pull out all the stops, they are introducing several Microsoft technologies into SharePoint 2010; Business Intelligence, Performance Point, Groove... just to name a few... SharePoint 2010 will also have a slightly new look to match the MSOffice 07 Roll out. They will introduce the Ribbon and add Silver Light interaction web parts. Microsoft is planning on announcing all the features and will be providing a demo at the SharePoint Conference 09, which is in Las Vegas, NV in October. I will be viewing all the online webcasts during this event, so I will keep you posted.

Enjoy the following MOSS Links:

Microsoft Office System Webcast Level 100 Users

SharePoint Designer 2007 Help and How-to

SharePoint Tips And Tricks is Ishai Sagi's sharepoint blog

SharePoint Bootcamp

Advanced SharePoint Videos and Whitepapers

Sneak Peek of SharePoint 2010

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Android Update - Cupcake - 5/28/09

Okay Google Phone Owners, Cupcake was just officially released today! So if you own the Google G1, go update it... its well worth the troubles and its not even a difficult update.

Directions taken from

-Download the Android 1.5 Cupcake US Version File
-Rename Downloaded zip file to
-Copy '' to SD Card
-Turn off the phone. Press and hold HOME+POWER to reboot
-When you see the triangle with an exclamation point press ALT+L
-Press ALT+S to begin update process
-When prompted, Press HOME+BACK to reboot
-It may reboot a few times, don't worry

Thats it... your updated to version 1.5. Now go ahead and enjoy all the new features:
Updated Camera (Much better)
Soft Keyboard (email, sms, browser)
New features on Gmail
Font is smaller and lots more feature

Soon enough Donut will be scheduled to come out... thats Android 2.0 :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Twitter Buzz - 5/18/09

It's been a while since I last blogged, I'm working on getting myself healthy once again, its been sort of a struggle, but things are looking up... hope some new laws are passed to make my life a lot easier :)

Today, lets talk about Buzz words... what have you been hearing a lot of lately? I'm sure a couple words come to mind, but to me... its mainly social networking and the big one Twitter. Every magazine I pick up now about technology, Twitter has a large article or its on the front cover. It is definitely the 2009 tech trend and is only growing. Twitter has now had over 4 offers (ranging in the 100+ millions) to buy them out but they are holding strong and refusing to negotiate with any of these mainstream buyers.

Twitter has become so successful and mainstream because it has an open API (application programming interface) which means any programmer can tap into the code and create his/her own twitter application. The beauty of it is its all FREE and only growing. There are 100 plus tweet applications out there to make your tweeting experience more enjoyable. Here is a few apps linked from fans of twitter:

At first everyone hates on twitter, what's twitter? why would I care when your brushing your teeth or eating a sandwich? But then after a while, you get it... twitter actually starts making sense and you gear your tweets to your targeted audience.

Twitter is more than a personal geeky "what are you doing" type of networking, it also provides very valuable and up to date information. Its live feeds from live people, so how ever you choose to use your twitter is up to you. It ranges from Government Updates, State Announcements, Mac/Windows User Tips, Car Industry deals, or even local Road Closures, anything and everything is posted on twitter, its whether or not your following the right people, you just need to embrace it and become involved in the world of micro blogging.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Tested - 4/4/09

I have been recently beta testing the new Windows 7, Its much much much better than Vista, thats for sure, its more directed towards newbs, which is good, it finally has alot of the features you been looking for.

Some new features I like are:
Finally able to rearrange the open items in your taskbar, they use icons now instead of a title, which is nice for more real estate, but I think the area around the icon could be even smaller. I originally thought 7 took the docking station from Apple, but I was mistaken, you can pin things to the taskbar and the taskbar functions are alot better, you can right click and open recent items or if you have more than one window open you can click and choose which tab or file to jump to.

The background is nice, it changes automatically. I like the show desktop button beside the systray, its useful, The start menu and control panel are more user friendly, its mostly text based which is fine with me. They used text for the start menus power options, which I think is a big improvement. The Breadcrumb feature in explorer is nice. Oh yea, real sweet feature is if you drag a window to the top, right, or left side of the screen it maximizes the window.

I do think they just went back through Vista and focused on the details, and it made it more user friendly, all the things you thought to yourself "why wouldn't they just have done this," I have been noticing alot of small things that I been saying to myself "Finally"!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools on the Web! - 4/2/09

Did You Get Tricked?

While the potentially dangerous Conficker worm was being tracked throughout April Fools' Day, more harmless hoaxes were being fired out across the Internet.

New media mockery was everywhere.

Google unveiled "Gmail Autopilot." It alleges that it will help you weed through your inbox by replying to e-mails with automated responses, tailored to your preference for emoticons.

Google also claimed to have mastered artificial intelligence with an entity named "CADIE." That technology led Google to claim, among other things, that it could now "index your brain."

The 188-year-old British newspaper The Guardian said it would become a "Twitter-only publication," limiting its reports to 140 characters or less.

One example from 1927 read: "OMG first successful trans-Atlantic air flight wow, pretty cool!"

(The North Carolina alternative weekly Mountain Express announced a similar reconfiguration, calling itself "the nation's first Twaper.")

Yahoo created a new "Ideological Search" that filters results to fit your personal beliefs. On it, you can get either Republican or Democratic results to a query like "stimulus package."

A startup called Monetate launched a spoof of the photo-sharing site Flickr. With "smellr," the site claims it has brought scent to social networking: "It's like Flickr, but for your nose."

YouTube offered its latest innovation in online video: upside-down viewing. To experience it, YouTube suggests turning your monitor upside down and tilting your head - or moving to Australia.

The online marketplace announced that it had brought cloud computing to the skies. Though "cloud computing" is simply a metaphor for a kind of interconnected computing, Amazon said it had used "the latest in airship technology" to put computers in the clouds (with blimps).

The travel booking site on Wednesday began offering flights to Mars. It's a steal, too, with flights for just $99. "Save over $3 Trillion!" read the spoof.

Microsoft's Xbox unveiled a mock version of the popular video game Guitar Hero: "Alpine Legend." This version is for yodeling, rather than guitar playing.

On Facebook, various applications posted joke alerts like "Barack Obama confirmed you as a cousin."

The blog for How Stuff Works explained Willy Wonka-like inventions - like rechargeable gum and "permanent kittens."

Perhaps the most dizzying April Fools' mock-reality came from Wikipedia, which annually redesigns its home page with spoof articles and headlines. The user-generated encyclopedia was even more unreliable than usual on Wednesday. Its feature article was on "the Museum of Bad Art" or "MOBA."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour is Coming Soon - 3/25/09

More than 2,000 cities around world expected to participate in rolling event.

Lights are scheduled to go out at hundreds of popular tourist landmarks and buildings worldwide, including New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow and Nairobi.

Organized by the World Wildlife Fund and supported by a host of powerful names.

The rolling electric turnoff will take place from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time on March 28, beginning in Fiji and following time zones around the globe.

find out more info -

Friday, February 27, 2009

Teamviewer / Safari 4 - 2/27/09

I been searching for a good Remote Desktop program and I think I found the best VNC viewer for across the web, Thanks to Dawson. Check out Teamviewer, its free!, it does Secure VPN, File Transfer, Remote Desktop all via an app or the browser. Definitely a must have for any IT pro. The added partner list is great so you don't even have to remember the session IDs. Its Free and contains zero spyware, the only thing is a Thank You message when you exit the session. Its also cross platform too. Here it is, Enjoy.

Next, go download the new safari browser, Thanks Gene, it is Apple controlled, so beware! :) but it has a really nice "itunes" esk interface and i love the way it displays your top sites, its almost a mix between googles chrome and IE 8. The top sites are also live so they are constantly updating. It also indexes extremely fast, so the loading time is cut down. Its about time Apple got back in the game of browsing. So go check it out,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sharepoint/Windows 7 Beta - 1/16/09

I just signed up for End User SharePoint Tips, Looking forward to see what they have to offer. I have been working on misc. web parts, some are usable, but some are customized towards Dauphin County.

Also just got a copy of Windows 7 Beta, I am excited to see what has been updated. I hear its a lot quicker and it uses the memory resource a lot nicer. I will most likely install it on a VM, I will update.

I will soon begin developing Robert A. Marshall's Website, the designs are in and ready to go.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google G1 Tips and Tricks - 1/6/09

G1 has a few shortcuts I have discovered, here are a few:
-Long Press Home Key to display the last 6 apps recently used
-Long Press Dial Key to activate Voice Dialer
-Long Press Hangup Key to select Power off or Silent Mode
-Menu Key is equal to Ctrl key on windows keyboard; Menu+A (select all); Menu+C (copy); Menu+P (paste); etc...
-Alt+Scroll Ball is home and end key (jump to start position)
-Shift(Up Arrow)+Scroll Ball highlights text

Have Fun and Enjoy the G1

Saturday, January 3, 2009

G1 Google Phone - 1/3/09

So I got the Google Phone when it came out in November, I gave it a few months before I blogged about it just so I can check out the new apps.

Starting at the end of this month (January) G1 apps developers will be able to charge for their apps, I feel once this happens, we will truly be able to see the real potential Android has.

So far so good, I have to admit, some of the free apps are nice and useful and we are already seeing some iPhone Apps coming in. Also using the G1 made me a firm Google believer, I now use Gmail, Blogger, Picasa3, Chrome, etc...

A few MUST HAVE G1 Apps:
ExactCallLog, The Schwartz Sabre, Scoreboard, Gmote 2.0, Twitli, Hello Aim, Bubble (of course, everyone needs a leveler), Woot Checker, Shop Savvy, Jetcet PDF, Text-to-speech library, SMS Popup, Myspace, Facebook, Missed Call, DGalert, Cowbell!, Barcode Scanner, Spell Dial