Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SharePoint Users : Last Name Change

This has come up twice now, So I figured I would address this for any future situations... But I received a call this morning, that a user changed her last name. Simple, I first figured, it was updated in Active Directory, so once the SPuser sync occurs everything should be updated... right?

Not so right... I noticed this did not update properly, the account name was updated as well as the Name field. But the email, Last name, and User Name still showed the old last name.

My next step was to delete the user out of the SharePoint group and re add the user. Well same result, right account name, wrong username...

I figured there now has to be a way to delete a single user from the entire site collection then re add them back in as a brand new user, I clicked on the user, and it took me to their mysite, then I clicked on "View User Info" and it took me User Information, where I could edit the user or Delete User from Site Collection. Instead of manually editing the user, I went ahead and deleted them the site collection. Then once I re added them to the SharePoint group, it went out and pulled the new users from AD along with all the updated fields.

I found this odd because one would think this should be an automatic syncing feature, but apparently not.

If anyone has encountered this and AD automatically updated the user in SharePoint, give me a shout.

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