Saturday, January 3, 2009

G1 Google Phone - 1/3/09

So I got the Google Phone when it came out in November, I gave it a few months before I blogged about it just so I can check out the new apps.

Starting at the end of this month (January) G1 apps developers will be able to charge for their apps, I feel once this happens, we will truly be able to see the real potential Android has.

So far so good, I have to admit, some of the free apps are nice and useful and we are already seeing some iPhone Apps coming in. Also using the G1 made me a firm Google believer, I now use Gmail, Blogger, Picasa3, Chrome, etc...

A few MUST HAVE G1 Apps:
ExactCallLog, The Schwartz Sabre, Scoreboard, Gmote 2.0, Twitli, Hello Aim, Bubble (of course, everyone needs a leveler), Woot Checker, Shop Savvy, Jetcet PDF, Text-to-speech library, SMS Popup, Myspace, Facebook, Missed Call, DGalert, Cowbell!, Barcode Scanner, Spell Dial

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