Friday, February 27, 2009

Teamviewer / Safari 4 - 2/27/09

I been searching for a good Remote Desktop program and I think I found the best VNC viewer for across the web, Thanks to Dawson. Check out Teamviewer, its free!, it does Secure VPN, File Transfer, Remote Desktop all via an app or the browser. Definitely a must have for any IT pro. The added partner list is great so you don't even have to remember the session IDs. Its Free and contains zero spyware, the only thing is a Thank You message when you exit the session. Its also cross platform too. Here it is, Enjoy.

Next, go download the new safari browser, Thanks Gene, it is Apple controlled, so beware! :) but it has a really nice "itunes" esk interface and i love the way it displays your top sites, its almost a mix between googles chrome and IE 8. The top sites are also live so they are constantly updating. It also indexes extremely fast, so the loading time is cut down. Its about time Apple got back in the game of browsing. So go check it out,

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