Monday, May 18, 2009

The Twitter Buzz - 5/18/09

It's been a while since I last blogged, I'm working on getting myself healthy once again, its been sort of a struggle, but things are looking up... hope some new laws are passed to make my life a lot easier :)

Today, lets talk about Buzz words... what have you been hearing a lot of lately? I'm sure a couple words come to mind, but to me... its mainly social networking and the big one Twitter. Every magazine I pick up now about technology, Twitter has a large article or its on the front cover. It is definitely the 2009 tech trend and is only growing. Twitter has now had over 4 offers (ranging in the 100+ millions) to buy them out but they are holding strong and refusing to negotiate with any of these mainstream buyers.

Twitter has become so successful and mainstream because it has an open API (application programming interface) which means any programmer can tap into the code and create his/her own twitter application. The beauty of it is its all FREE and only growing. There are 100 plus tweet applications out there to make your tweeting experience more enjoyable. Here is a few apps linked from fans of twitter:

At first everyone hates on twitter, what's twitter? why would I care when your brushing your teeth or eating a sandwich? But then after a while, you get it... twitter actually starts making sense and you gear your tweets to your targeted audience.

Twitter is more than a personal geeky "what are you doing" type of networking, it also provides very valuable and up to date information. Its live feeds from live people, so how ever you choose to use your twitter is up to you. It ranges from Government Updates, State Announcements, Mac/Windows User Tips, Car Industry deals, or even local Road Closures, anything and everything is posted on twitter, its whether or not your following the right people, you just need to embrace it and become involved in the world of micro blogging.

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